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Coco Bango Cafe

Here at Coco Bango Cafe and Restaurant we develop ourselves in presenting the Filipino Dining Experience


We showcase generations worth of Filipino, American and Continental mix of recipes, the finest parts of Filipino Culinary roots and combine it with the world class service that has made Manila the distinction of the crossed roads of the south pacific. We are a premier Filipino Restaurant in Manila because we showcase the finest foods and recipes from the Philippines.


As a premiere cafe in Manila, we are located only few minutes away from Makati Central Business District, our facility, menu, aesthetics, and service will appeal to your senses in way that will have you remembering us as you walk back to your hotel, drive back to your house, or fly back across the Pacific. We offer a dining experience that can both energize you for your business endeavors here in the bustling business district of Manila, or lure you into nirvana to enjoy your vacation here in our Archipelago. Don't settle for just any restaurant in Manila when you can settle down at the premier restaurant in the Philippines.

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